Harness a 21st century leadership ethos.

One of the greatest challenges to the modern day organisation is the struggle to retain, engage and connect with leaders at all levels.

A lack of a level playing field, out-dated work structures and work cultures puts women at a disadvantage. Despite enlightened CEOs willing to put time, money and energy into solving the problem, the women in leadership dial is slow to move.

This lack of gender inclusion translates into how organisations underserve their female consumers, how female leaders check-out rather than stay-in and why the supply chain often contains a distinct lack of women-led businesses.

These challenges start with a commitment to making “female attainment” a strategic imperative.

“We need the three W's - Women, Water & Wellbeing”. Muhtar A. Kent CEO Coca Cola Company

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“Gender inclusion should be in the DNA, not just for the diversity and inclusion agenda”

Speaking engagements. How glassmoon can help your organisation.

When it comes to public speaking Carole offers the following keynote options;

Love Your Job, Own Your Career


Carole provides a big picture view of navigating the career path in a complex and fast-paced world

Carole will highlight aspects from her research about the barriers, bias and beliefs (external and self-limiting) which can de-rail even the most determined leaders

She will talk about the power of knowing your story, harnessing your strengths and carving out a career which is fulfilling and worth-while

Lead On: Leadership Redefined


At a time when employee engagement, retention and productivity are critical to delivering business strategy, Carole’s ideas on how to Lead On are both timely and insightful

In a pragmatic and engaging fashion she highlights the need for leaders at all levels, developing leadership identity and creating an inclusive culture to improve both the bottom line and the sustainability of the cultural balance-sheet


Attain: Working-life Success


Carole will share her thinking on why she believes women attaining their career potential is essential for; women & men, the UK & global economy and developing inclusive workplaces

Carole concludes with a brief overview of her “attainment” model. A career hack produced from her doctoral research which helps business leaders manage their working-lives & lead their teams with success & satisfaction

A must for career-parents and those looking to integrate flexibility, financials and fulfilment in their working-lives


Need a tailor-made speech or keynote?

Blend Carole's external data and storytelling with your internal commitment to women in leadership to craft a unique, compelling and topical speech