Critical Thinking – Curious and Resilient Workforces for the Future


Critical thinking is essential in virtually every sector and industry, it is the process of making an informed decision through disciplined thinking which enables people to join the dots and make meaning. It involves skilfully analysing, evaluating and conceptualising existing information by observing, reflecting and reasoning to make an intellectually rational and informed decision or judgement. An important part of the process is knowing where to get the necessary information from and understanding what information is valuable and what is not. 

Critical thinking is one of the most sought-after skills by employers. A recent report from the World Economic Forum stated Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years. These have been consistent since the first report in 2016. Employees who can systematically and deliberately process information so they can solve ambiguous and complex problems and make quality, sensible and thoughtful decisions are vital to an organisation. Businesses will always face challenges, but these should be reframed as an opportunity as every challenge provides valuable information about what can be improved. Especially now in a time where the world of work has evolved; COVID has made the workplace more technologically complex and online-centric. Employers will be looking for leaders, teams and people who can think for themselves, adapt easily into new models of working and thrive in the virtual presence.

Carole, as our Founder, has a clear view on the importance of building these skills at an early stage and during a recent conversation said:

“Critical thinking should be a fundamental element to children’s education, it can be learned, assessed and improved just like any other skill. Gone is the day where we can tell the younger generation that the only source of truth is from books. Yes, the internet is filled with a load of drivel and some downright worrying content and a society that increasingly believes everything they read on the internet. But it is also the most important tool for accessing information that has ever been created. This only highlights the need to develop children’s critical thinking skills. They need to be given the tools that will enable them to access content with the ability to be objective, fact-check and understand that conclusions demand evidence”.

If critical thinking methodology is embedded at a young age, regardless of the person’s background or particular field of study this will ensure emotionally resilient, curious, knowledgeable and highly adaptable people for the future of the workplace.

At Glassmoon, we have an egalitarian approach to how we work and we are actively encouraged to speak up, challenge each other and bring innovative thinking. Our team’s diverse experiences, talents, skills and abilities bring immense value to the business and also to all decision-making. We have the freedom, flexibility and are trusted to make our own judgements and decisions drawn from our collective knowledge and experience.  All thought processes and ideas have value and can be explored and developed. It is true that we as humans tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same opinions and ideas, however this is not beneficial in the work sphere. Critical thinking is about making an informed decision not about influencing. Being affirmed and validated by others may feel comfortable but it will limit growth. Diverse backgrounds, insights into other perspectives and people who think and act differently than you do will help you to evolve and discover new concepts and ways of working.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” ~ Peter F. Drucker 

We are currently developing the RUBY model, which is a system that has emerged from Carole’s research on leadership and attainment over nearly a decade. It has multiple interconnected deeply human factors and components which are entwined with technology and science. The tools and techniques in RUBY are designed to enable us to do our best work because we know ourselves well and consequently we are deeply connected to a shared purpose within our organisation and beyond.

We recorded a podcast on RUBY last week, listen here to gain insights on the model and how it can help you as an individual, team or an organisational level.  To find out more about Glassmoon and/or to discuss how we can implement the RUBY model into your organisation please get in contact here.