The Value of Worth

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I had a client once and every time I saw him over a period of time, on first greeting each other, he’d hold his phone up with the ‘stocks’ app on display to show me his company’s share price.

Imagine a scenario where you wake up every morning and check the share price and as a result, the quality of your day, the quality of your interactions with your spouse and children, your team, clients and other people in your ecosystem is defined by whether the line is going up, is static or is heading down.

I guess that is one way to run your career and organisation.

My engagement came to an end when his people are a means to an end style of management was at the intersection of a developmental road to nowhere. Despite my best efforts and Scottish candour, I was unable to support him to genuinely connect to a higher purpose. We parted ways.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to see this style up close as I learnt a lot during the process. Mainly how not to do it, if you want to grow a sustainable and purposeful company where people feel connected, valued and like they matter. Which they did. Hugely. In Just Capital’s recent post on ESG, it illustrates the power of seeing workers as stakeholders, especially this year as progressive companies protect worker pay and working safely.

Financial Freedom

Whether we like it or not, money does play a very big part in making the world go round. The problem becomes when people in positions of power and influence think it is the only thing that does.

As Robert Kennedy, the US Presidential candidate in 1968 said of GDP ” it measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country, it measures everything in short, except that which makes life worthwhile“.

At Glassmoon, we are focused on how, over time, it is possible to exceed fiscal expectations by creating sustainable organisations where people do meaningful work to create impact and change, on a local and global level.

In the Glassmoon RUBY system™, Financial freedom is one of the five interconnecting factors.

This factor drives not just how we think about wealth, but equally important is how we think about worth and wellbeing at an organisational, team and person-led level.

Peter Drucker famously observed, what gets measured gets managed. If all you measure is money, however, what gets done is what you wanted but not what was needed for lasting, positive, and worthwhile impact.

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