Thank You – International Nurses Day 2022


This year at Glassmoon Services, we want to celebrate the fantastic nurses that are members of the Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT), who support us to support the complex individuals who live in our services in Cornwall.

As an organisation that opened its doors during the global pandemic, we are ever mindful of all nurses who worked – and are still working – on the frontline of the NHS-led fight against COVID-19. We are ever thankful for the hard work and dedication of those nurses and our hearts will always remain full of gratitude for the work they have done and will continue doing. However, this year we want to especially celebrate the nurses who have remained dedicated members of the MDT and who have enabled us to continue our crucial work in the community.

During early Autumn in 2021, our support teams experienced a particularly tough period in one of our services. Colleagues were tired and facing days of difficulty in their supporting work. What carried them through and enabled them to come to solutions and positive outcomes, was the care and attention given by the MDT and particularly our nurse colleagues in that team.

We are non-clinical environments, but never did those nurses, or any member of that team try to impose solutions or opinions. They offered thoughts and suggestions for discussion. They offered empathy and compassion – as humans, not as people with titles and qualifications. Mutual respect enabled us to work with the problem, through the five guiding principles of Trauma Informed Care.

This shared knowledge and understanding ensured that all voices were heard and all opinions respected. Decisions were taken not from theory or past experience, but from the current data and evidence and the experiential stories attached to the individuals themselves, in that moment. At all times, the focus remained on ensuring quality of life through sharing and mutually agreeing on the way forward. As is the Glassmoon way, that human focus must include our colleagues as being equal to those people we support. Our MDT maintained regular offers of support to all colleagues for as long as it was needed.

Ultimately, solutions were found, decisions led to actions and respect for people as human beings led to fewer incidents, a continuing successful placement and no recalls or overmedicating. Teams working together with a shared purpose ensured successful outcomes and improved quality of life for all. A human being continues to live their best life in a community setting, when in the past, everyone wondered whether that would ever be possible. We have proved it is possible, with the help of our nurse colleagues and the MDT.

From this proud nurse to my nurse colleagues, I thank you. With collaboration and joint working, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can change the lives of people who may not otherwise have had the opportunities they have now. Together we are truly changing someone’s life and we have truly become part of their story.