Glassmoon from a Gen Z Perspective

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Today I write to you from the perspective of a nineteen-year-old gen z-er… in other words, Carole Edmond’s daughter. She being the CEO and Founder of Glassmoon, my mother always hoped I’d draw inspiration from the work she does, aspiring to have her passionate work ethic . Unfortunately, I was not interested. Luckily, this was not personal, because as a teenage girl there is not much else I show interest in either. Hence why towards the end of my summer holiday she pleadingly asked me to work alongside the company, purely for the sake of finding me something to do. As you can imagine I was rather reluctant to interrupt my 4 month break of hibernation, but alas I agreed.

I began helping with some admin jobs, and eventually my mum asked me to read her doctoral thesis: essentially the manuscript for the company she went on to create, in hopes to help me better understand Glassmoon and the purposeful work it does. After reading this my disinterest soon turned into immense pride and appreciation. As a young person on approach to entering the labour force it’s certainly refreshing to see companies adopting a progressive stance in their foundations; and that is exactly what Glassmoon is doing. I once believed JEDI referred to the guardians of peace in Star Wars, but have since discovered it’s my mother’s burning passion and mantra – Justice, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion. She recognised various patterns of inequality and discrimination repetitively cropping up within the workplace; those barriers, biases and limiting beliefs which made having a manageable work/life balance increasingly difficult, and she was determined to change it. This is one aspect which makes Glassmoon so impactful to me because, as we enter an era of a deeper understanding of mental health, we can acknowledge how significant a role it plays in affecting our day-to-day lives. Glassmoon understands that in order to excel at work we must be supported in the correct ways, which is why they have reshaped and reimagined a workplace fit for humans in the 21st century.

When my mother told me she would be starting a podcast I thought to myself, ‘Which celebrity influencer has taken over Carole?!’ as someone who playfully teases me about the trashy social media I consume, I was shocked to learn she would now be taking part herself. However, what she produces is fortunately not trash, but really insightful interviews which leave you feeling educated and inspired as you come away. The podcast involves a two-part episode with a special guest in which they discuss their expertise on their career. In the second part they discuss their ‘SeeMe’ – an investigative concept designed to explore how our personal lived experiences and our intersecting identities shape our current career. There is certainly significance to our story of origin, and by looking back into the past and connecting the dots I’ve found we can draw some really nuanced insights about ourselves and the way we work.

If you couldn’t tell already, Glassmoon is passionate about self-reflection, which is why the Digital strand of the company has built a platform! Namely RUBY, in the form of an app, was designed to help advise us on the multitude of emotions we all experience; by writing them down in a digital diary we can visualise how they combine to determine who we are. Personally, I love the app because it promotes self-care in the form of understanding our mental health and helps us to understand all those crazy thoughts we experience. On this platform you can also find and create your own SeeMe profile, to connect your own dots and have some fun with it.

Now, I know I am being asked to write this, but I promise you it’s not all bullsh*t. I genuinely do believe Glassmoon is making an impact here in the working world and is trying to make a difference. I hope I have reassured you that in this chaotic, somewhat selfish world, there are companies who do want to support their customers and employees, and only strive for the best. And as for myself, as I head back to university, this time I am equipped with a plethora of knowledge about Glassmoon, and a little change in my pocket!