Leading change in a sustainable and people-centric way

About Glassmoon

Glassmoon has decades of experience operating multi-site services in health, social care, and education.

On the ground experience has taught us that building a market-leading organisation depends on the creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal skills of everyone involved. For those working directly with the most vulnerable members of our society, this environment can be extremely satisfying and give a sense of purpose and meaning. But it can also be a complex, demanding and thankless task.

As a team, we have over sixty years’ experience of working in the healthcare, childcare, work/life services and social care sectors and successfully scaling organisations by putting our people first. This combined with our deep understanding of culture change and strategic digital transformation, puts us in the perfect position to evolve businesses for the future. Our experiences defined our approach of ‘Purpose-People-Performance’.

We build deeply human businesses to create a meaningful and positive experience for both those delivering and receiving services.

Our Team

Glassmoon Group is a small team, drawing on years of diverse experience, that is changing the status quo. We create better working lives for people by creating a greater understanding of how to lead change in sustainable and people-centric ways.

Carole Edmond - Founder & CEO

Carole has spent over thirty years’ working in healthcare, childcare, work/life services and more recently in specialist care for adults. Her driving passion is to build human services that enable individuals to thrive and harnessing their power to deliver success in organisations for their customers and people in receipt of service.

Carole led Bupa’s entry into the Childcare market twenty years ago, developing Bupa Childcare into a Top 10 operator within three years under the Teddies Nurseries brand and, following its sale to Bright Horizons in 2009, became the MD for the UK & Ireland.

Under Carole’s leadership, Bright Horizons became the leading provider of B2B and B2C services through business transformation, M & A activity and organic growth.

Carole first established Glassmoon in 2015, initially providing advisory services to investors in the UK and internationally.

Carole was the CEO of The Regard Group, the UK’s third-largest specialist care provider leading them to record levels of occupancy, regulatory performance, M&A & organic growth and a successful sale to AMP Capital, before dedicating herself solely to Glassmoon in 2019. 

Tania Ferreira – Chief of Staff

Tania has over fifteen years’ experience in the healthcare sector, working across finance, operations and estates management and at C suite level in strategy development.

Tania is experienced in human services delivery, with a customer-centred approach that maintains high operational efficiency with proportionate and appropriate data use, communicated effectively to all levels of an organisation.

Tania has worked at C suite level with Carole on M&A activities, organic growth and board-level reporting, while developing methodologies for combining people led services with technology and culture to deliver outstanding results.

Kerry Libby - Co-founder & Operations Director of Glassmoon Services Ltd

Kerry Libby was formerly a Regional Director for The Regard Group and has twenty-six years’ experience working in social care with adults and children with learning disabilities, mental health and acquired brain injury.

Kerry has senior-level operational experience with both residential and supported living models through organic openings, M&A’s and transitioning from residential to Supported Living.

She is an innovative leader, experienced in developing teams for young people and adults with learning disabilities and complex needs, supporting transitions from residential to supported living and managing her region through M&A’s.

Kerry has received numerous professional accolades including Outstanding Care Provision awards from Local Commissioning Authorities for her organisation. For individual services, she has received three Excellence In Care awards and an Outstanding Overall Performance award.

Tracy Kite - Leading & Learning Specialist and Executive Coach

Tracy has 20 years experience in business and leadership development, across a range of organisations, large and small and a diverse professional background, originally in healthcare and mental health.

Tracy holds post-graduate Coaching, Business and Performance Coaching, and Psychological Coaching qualifications and has substantial executive and leadership coaching experience. Tracy also teaches coaching skills to others. She uses contemporary research and neuroscience evidence to ensure development is effective, rapid, and lasting for the future. Her techniques are evidence and research-based and focus on cognitive as well

Tracy has developed a unique style of coaching. Through a combination of asking insightful questions, creating the space to think, and adopting an encouraging, pragmatic, and empathetic style, she brings out the best in her clients. Her understated yet impactful approach is powerful because it focuses on the person, the organisation, and the results, in a holistic and integrated fashion.  She is passionate that humanness, rather than process, creates business success and optimal growth.

Neil Pace – CIO, Glassmoon Group & Co-founder of Glassmoon Digital

For over 20 years, Neil has developed his consulting practice helping organisations drive improvement through technology.  With extensive experience and capabilities in all aspects of technology-enabled business transformation, Neil has led many complex programmes across a variety of industries including social care, automotive, media, telecoms, and public sector. 

Alongside developing his consulting practice, Neil was on the Board at Transputec – a successful IT Service Provider – leading their “Services” business unit for over 5 years, where he repeatedly delivered year-on-year growth and other strategic objectives against a backdrop of extreme economic downturn, maintaining a diverse technical awareness to ensure the organisation sustained its position at the forefront of technology. 

Recently, much of Neil’s focus has been in Social Care.  This is the sector he is most passionate about, where his experience can be leveraged to improve the lives of the staff who provide support and vulnerable members of society receiving support.

Johnny McCarthy - Chief Technology Officer

Johnny has over twenty years’ experience in customer services and technology, starting his early career in retail with the John Lewis Partnership. He has spent over sixteen years within the childcare & early education sector and more recently the adult social care market. Johnny joined Bright Horizons through the acquisition of Teddies Nurseries (Bupa Childcare) and supported significant levels of business expansion through both M&A and organic growth, growing from 30 nurseries to over 300.

Johnny has experience in designing and executing effective project delivery strategies, technology roadmaps, particularly around process improvement and data analytics for operational and senior management use.  Johnny is experienced in coding, application architecture and data analytics and has a passion for working across the business to improve performance, growth and strategic aspirations.

Johnny is an Associate of Glassmoon and focuses on business transformation, project management, Target Operating Models (TOMs), organisational change, SaaS / Cloud IT, data analytics and business benefit realisation.