Barriers, Bias and Beliefs

We can all relate to these three words – Barriers, Bias and Beliefs. Whether we admit it or not, whether we fight it or embrace it, they seem to have a way of permeating every corner and crevice of life. Stop for a moment and consider this question. ‘What factors have supported you to attain […]

Discover & Develop your Personal Identity

Personal identity is shaped over a long period of time and is continuously evolving, sometimes drastically. We have a certain amount of control over how our lives unfold and progress depending on the choices we make, but not over everything. Personal identity is not visible, it is inside as opposed to outside, it is what […]

Communicating in Times of Change

Pace of Change The perpetual pace of change in our ability to communicate through modern technology is at an unparalleled level. Especially this year, where digital methods which were in existence pre-Coronavirus, have come into everyday use on an exponential level to keep the economy and our social structures operating on a virtual basis, in […]

Boost Social Mobility & Break Invisible Barriers

New studies released by the Social Mobility Commission last week reminded me of a conversation with an Executive Search firm a few years ago. “You’re self-made” the head-hunter exclaimed. Clearly, I didn’t have the ‘normal’ CV he was used to perusing! He was referring to my working-class background, in the shape of a gap on […]

Overtime & Overwhelmed – Prioritise your Time, Space & Energy

There is no denying it, occasionally the need to work overtime is necessary to meet a deadline or deliver a project on time. But relying on a culture of overtime, is not sustainable. Working hard can be extremely rewarding; achieving success, self-improvement, development of self-discipline, improved energy levels. However, if the scales are tipped it […]

The Value of Worth

I had a client once and every time I saw him over a period of time, on first greeting each other, he’d hold his phone up with the ‘stocks’ app on display to show me his company’s share price. Imagine a scenario where you wake up every morning and check the share price and as […]

Proactive Mindsets and Leading Through Adversity

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

After last Saturday’s announcements, the state of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity starts to resound again. Although it hasn’t come as a surprise to the majority of us, it doesn’t make it any less complicated or worrying. We’ve all had to adjust, adapt and improvise over the last months whether that be personally, professionally or both. […]

The Gender Diversity Imbalance

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Gender diversity should be one of the easiest areas to address within an organisation. Especially as more women than men are pursuing higher education in the UK according to Catalyst. Women make up nearly half of the workforce, this is a large and overlooked talent pool that organisations are missing out on. So why is there […]

Work-Life Balance – Find Your Equilibrium

  Are you feeling stressed and burnt out? Are there never enough hours in the day? Are you not getting enough ‘me time’? These could all be down to an imbalance in your work-life equilibrium. We are in the middle of the working week; it is a perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on your […]

Suicide Prevention – Create a Safe Workplace

September is National Suicide Prevention month, it’s a time to raise awareness, reach out to those affected by suicide, reduce stigma and share resources and stories. 800,000 people die by suicide globally every year, with the UK recording 5,691 suicides last year alone. Not surprising the number of cases globally have risen this year due to the pandemic. Prolonged […]