What’s In A Title?

A very long time ago I asked someone what their role was and they responded with “the clues in the title”……..looking back, I think that was a very rude retort to what I felt was a reasonable question. As a support worker new to the sector, I didn’t say anything. Irrespective of their role, I […]

Improve Financial Wellbeing – Choose Fair Pay

“If it was up to me, I would pay you more” – a phrase that I have uttered (mostly but not exclusively in my head) many times in my career in social care.   Fast forward 20 years, and now a co-founder of Glassmoon Services my previous words have taken on a whole new meaning.  Colleagues and teams working within the […]

Frontline to Founder

As a support worker or at the beginning of your career in the care sector, you may think that there is little to no career progression and people in leadership roles must have been fast- tracked into their positions. Well, I’m here to tell you, I started my career the very same way you are. […]

Identity, Work and Me

In any role, in any workplace, you are visible. We are in an arena, so to speak, and with this comes a potential exposure to complaint and criticism. I have, on occasion been the recipient of a person’s displeasure articulated in the form of a complaint, and to an extent I accept that it goes […]