Thank You – International Nurses Day 2022

This year at Glassmoon Services, we want to celebrate the fantastic nurses that are members of the Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT), who support us to support the complex individuals who live in our services in Cornwall. As an organisation that opened its doors during the global pandemic, we are ever mindful of all nurses who worked […]

Humans Are at the Core of Successful M & A

Mergers and acquisitions (M & A) are inevitably high-stakes activities for any organisation and huge resources often get poured in, to ensure successful, profitable outcomes. I’ve worked in organisations where highly professional, high quality, glossy documents, pave the way for employees and leaders to experience the goals, org structures and project plans, which will carry […]

Kindness v Dehumanisation – Is it Relevant in Your Life?

I woke up this morning thinking about something which happened in my life more than 30 years ago. When I was 21, a close relative split up from her husband, in a violent, chaotic episode in our family’s life. Not that it hadn’t been chaotic, violent, and abusive through the years, but I thought I […]

Trusting Your Coach

Coaching done well, is an accelerated form of leadership development. It’s accelerated because it’s focused directly on the individual coachee, with no distractions or deviation for the needs of others (as happens in workshops and other learning events). In order to accelerate development, coaches also need to be fundamentally challenging and encourage their coachees to […]

Human or Inhuman? What is Your New Working from Home Normal?

During the first UK Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, it was estimated that around 40% of us worked from home. Many of us made the transition from the office to our dining room tables with trepidation and a little excitement at the prospect of not having the daily commute for a while. Throughout the ups […]

Holding Conversation for Communication at its Best – Insights

Tracy Kite has written this Insights piece based on Bohm’s valuable research where he gave us the clue to Holding the Conversation for Communication at Its Best. It includes Glassmoon’s 5 Top Tips for Communicating in Times of Change. Download our Insights document to read. Over the past decade, Tracy has published her research and work […]

The Importance of Coaching the Whole Person

I was once told a story about a well-known business school’s approach to training leadership and executive coaches. My colleague told me that during an assessment for their coaching qualification, the client became emotional and cried during the session. Because they had stopped the ‘business’ conversation and were taking time to acknowledge and work with […]