Mothers – An Untapped Workforce

Let’s talk about mothers. Specifically, stay at home mothers who are ready to return to work. They could be the greatest unexplored talent pool on the planet, and with ONS figures showing that 1 in 4 mothers with dependent children are not employed, that pool is deep. Mothers often make better employees Armed with skills […]

Thank You – International Nurses Day 2022

This year at Glassmoon Services, we want to celebrate the fantastic nurses that are members of the Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT), who support us to support the complex individuals who live in our services in Cornwall. As an organisation that opened its doors during the global pandemic, we are ever mindful of all nurses who worked […]

Neurodiversity – A reason to celebrate

March 21st – 27th marks this year’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes about neurological differences. The aim of the event is to change how neurodivergent individuals (such as those with autism or dyslexia) are perceived and supported, while moving towards a more inclusive culture that recognises the talents of neurodivergent people […]

5 Inspirational Female Leaders – Women’s History Month 2022

In this post-Covid world, strong female leaders are who we should be looking to, to inspire us to create change and strive towards equality. Join us in celebrating 5 female trailblazers during this year’s Women’s History Month. But keep them in the forefront of your mind every day. Not just once a year. Olena Zelenska […]