Changing the world of work for the better.

Glassmoon Coaching

We have extensive experience in working with all seniority roles in career coaching, executive coaching, business development coaching, leadership and management training, facilitation and female-specific coaching. Our robust people-centric approach enables us to support leaders to unlock their potential, grow businesses sustainably and enhance relationships, resilience and wellbeing within teams.

We understand that every person has their own identity and own personal development requirements, we identify and align your personal coaching needs to your current and future context.

Executive Coaches

We offer one to one coaching or team workshops. Each session is bespoke to the person or team, with flexibility to choose your hours and days. Currently all of our coaching sessions are virtual.  

Tracy Kite - Business & Performance Coach

Tracy holds post-graduate Coaching, Business and Performance Coaching, and Psychological Coaching qualifications and has substantial executive and leadership coaching experience. She uses contemporary research and neuroscience evidence to ensure development is effective, rapid, and lasting for the future. Her techniques are evidence and research-based and focus on cognitive as well as behavioural change.

Tracy has developed a unique style of coaching. Through a combination of asking insightful questions, creating the space to think, and adopting an encouraging, pragmatic, and empathetic style, she brings out the best in her clients. Her understated yet impactful approach is powerful because it focuses on the person, the organisation, and the results, in a holistic and integrated fashion.  She is passionate that humanness, rather than process, creates business success and optimal growth.

Tracy has further researched and implemented techniques which tackle the difficulties caused by personal issues at work. Her aim is to improve personal wellbeing, to directly impact business success and organisational effectiveness.

Tracy has many years’ experience of coaching executives, senior leaders, and others, to remove obstacles to personal success and to improve work performance.

Susanne Jacobs - Organisational & Performance Specialist

Susanne brings 28 years of international senior leadership and business experience, with a proven track record in building high performing teams. She combines her hands-on knowledge with over a decade of academic research into the neurobiology of intrinsic motivation and trust. Translating the complex science of human performance to deliver practical tools to leaders which enhance the social inclusive, emotional and cognitive skills identified as critical for the 4th industrial age. 

Susanne focuses her coaching work on 3 core areas of expertise:

  • Strengthening human leadership capability to build inclusive cultures of trust
  • Boosting resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Leading through change and uncertainty


Individuals who have worked with Susanne have seen significant improvements in their energy, adaptive and creative thinking, communication styles, tolerance of ambiguity and emotional resilience. 

Laura Hart - Voice & Speaking Skills Coach

Laura has worked as a Voice & Speaking Skills Coach for over 3 decades.

Laura works with national and international organisations for whom she devises and delivers workshops on many aspects of verbal communication including Effective Online Presentations, Engaging and Influencing Skills, Speaking Professionally, Sounding your Authentic Self etc

Additionally, she coaches individuals from graduates to CEOs to feel more confident, look more authoritative and sound more compelling in the workplace, for personal branding, interviews and when delivering speeches or presentations to a live or an online audience.

As a dialect Coach for actors, she worked on the award-winning independent film, ‘God’s Own Country’ and ‘Ammonite’ (due for release in 2021) with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.

Carole Edmond - Keynote Speaker, Mentor & Facilitator

Carole leverages her research and decades of Executive and advisory experience (in healthcare, social care, early education and work/life services) to enable organisations to harness the power of people’s potential to deliver sustainable organisational growth.

Carole is a witty and inspirational speaker, who is never afraid to share a personal story or her Executive experiences to engage the audience with the topic in hand. Carole’s approach to speeches and workshops is to provide an engaging yet practical approach to leave people with a lasting impression through storytelling, interesting content and insights from research in the academic and business world.

Carole believes in making the work environment more human-centric and through her speeches and workshops encourages personal and team creativity, improving both strategic and leadership innovation. She gives organisations and leaders the tools and methods to be able to adapt to this ever-changing work environment. Promoting flexibility and fulfilment within each organisation’s cultural context. 

Carole has a master’s degree in High Performance Leadership and wrote a doctoral research thesis on Female Attainment focusing on gender equity and social mobility. Health Investor recognised her on the Power 50 list in the Leadership category in 2018 and she was on the Cranfield Women to Watch list in 2017.