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SeeMe Enhanced – SeeMe Insights Plus


SeeMe Line Manager Learning  


  • Provides leaders with appropriate learning to enable deeper organisational engagement with SeeMe 
  • Develops leaders to think critically and use specific tools to minimise barriers, bias & discrimination 
  • Enables leaders to foster a culture of connection & belonging and build psychological safety 

Deeper Data Insights  

  • Enables understanding of the data and lived experience at a nuanced and contextual level 
  • Enables an understanding of deeper level diversity, intersectional inclusion and the importance of belonging on performance 
  • Enables line managers to develop plans for their teams to improve collective contribution, wellbeing and social cohesion  

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Actions 

  • Creates the opportunity for focused action and improvement to optimise organisational performance 
  • Equips leaders to embed Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging throughout the organisation 
  • Enables organisations to take action to ensure that all employees feel ‘Seen’ 

SeeMe Premium - SeeMe Insights & SeeMe Enhanced Plus


Organisational Ecosystem of Inclusion 


  • Create a roadmap to embed a culture of inclusion across the entire organisational ecosystem including customers, employees, stakeholders, shareholders and the supply chain 
  • Enables leaders to embed psychological safety, build trust and promote wellbeing within the organisation 
  • Enables leaders and teams to view the organisation and their place in it with a deep understanding of how each component of the organisation is interdependent and interconnected 

Bespoke Executive Coaching 

  • Coaching provides senior leaders with the opportunity for accelerated development 
  • The bespoke nature ensures senior leaders focus on highly specific personal, organisational and social objectives 
  • Enables senior leaders to quickly build inclusive, equitable & sustainable strategies and practices for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging 

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Mastery 

  • Enables Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging practices within the organisation’s long-term strategy
  • Leaders are equipped to use the SeeMe Data, effective Storytelling, and the Science of Belonging to achieve full engagement from the entire Organisational Ecosystem
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging becomes the bedrock for the organisation’s people to drive organisational purpose and performance

SeeMe Insights


SeeMe Digital Tool Deployed in your Organisation 

Tool comprised of 25 questions  

15 questions provide demographic information   

Questions include the 9 protected characteristics covered in UK Equality Law 

8 questions on work/life priorities 

2 key questions on cultural sensitivity & employee engagement 


  • Enables nuanced response options 
  • Helps to foster good relationships
  • Helps identify barriers, bias & discrimination & advance equality of opportunity 
  • Enables a view of the whole person 
  • Contributes to organisational employee engagement strategies 

Aggregated Data Collected and Analysed 

  • Provides organisations with a collection of data insights 
  • Insights give an aggregated yet granular, nuanced & contextual view of the intersection of employees’ identities 
  • Enables a deeper understanding of the organisation’s workforce and gives a view on the level of trust and psychological safety to disclose inclusion related data 

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Insights 

  • Provides Software as a Service (SaaS) for the organisation’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging strategy 
  • The new data insights can be used to raise awareness, tailor Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging plans and further engage ERG’s 
  • The data can help create impetus for improvements including culture change, employee wellbeing and social impact