Great leaders make great business

What is Coaching?

Effective coaching is a key part of the success of any organisation because it grows leaders to achieve personal, team-based and organisational goals. Coaching is essential for leaders and professionals who are looking to the future, aiming to develop and thrive.

Our coaching is focused, intensive and bespoke to the individual or team. We support people to be the best versions of themselves and give them the tools and knowledge to gain valuable perspective, purpose and vision. The tools that are provided through coaching, support teams, leaders and professionals to understand obstacles and blockers, navigate and respond to the constantly changing environment, retain and upskill their talent, adopt digital capabilities, build resilient teams and create more sustainable and agile business. 

Our view is that coaching should be wholly ‘human’. In our coaching we encompass all aspects of an individual; the issues which influence the leader and professional we are in the workplace. Greater self-awareness and changing mindsets, helps establish better relationships, better engagement, and improved performance. Holistic working and a human focus forms the core of our coaching principles and philosophy.

Tracy Kite – Business & Performance Coach – On Why Coaching is so Important

Coaching for Leadership and Executive Well-being

Business-focused wellbeing coaching can help leaders and others improve work and employment issues, created by health and wellbeing problems. If leaders or team members are hampered by burnout, chronic illness, stress, low self-esteem or other personal issues in the workplace, this intensive 1:1 coaching can help to improve their lived experience of their problem; tackle obstacles and achieve goals; improve attendance; improve integration into teams; raise awareness and self-belief; improve achievement of workplace goals and aspirations; improve performance and wellbeing; and reduce the amount of time spent on complaints, grievances and employee litigation.

Leadership & Business Development Coaching


Leadership coaching develops leaders and managers at all organisational levels, to overcome specific obstacles and difficulties (with personal or organisational leadership); develop leadership skills; facilitate career development; and enhance team and business development. Leaders may wish to concentrate their coaching specifically on developing and growing their business, organisation, or team.

Female-Specific Coaching

We provide female-specific executive coaching, to strengthen and develop leadership skills, confidence and purpose and vision. We find new strategies to lead within often more male dominated leadership teams and explore the barriers and enablers of inclusive cultures. 

We are passionate about ensuring that women gain awareness of systemic bias and limiting beliefs and develop effective skills to help them navigate the numerous barriers that stop them taking and owning their place in leadership levels in business

Voice and Speaking Skills Coaching

The ability to speak confidently, clearly and with impact can be challenging, especially with the added pressure of a room full of people and an important presentation to deliver. We understand the value of voice and speech coaching not only to increase authority, confidence and aiding you to use your voice in an interesting and enthusiastic manner. But also, to reduce nerves and tensions that could affect the voice. We provide the tools and techniques to enhance, look after your voice and keep it healthy. 

Many organisations are already adopting new models to achieve greater diversity, inclusion and wellbeing programmes on top of traditional performance and growth plans. At the centre of all of these lie a connecting motivation: the people. This intrinsic motivation is the golden thread that runs through our programme.

Our programme is based on many years of practical experience of running large multi-site teams and decades of research into what enables organisations to harness intrinsic motivation and grow sustainably.

At its heart is a deep understanding of, and proven tools for, what it takes to build human work environments that allow people to thrive.

The programme will enable leaders and teams to excel through improved performance and care for themselves, colleagues, and their customers. It is unique in its design to address the intersection of working at the organisational, team and individual career level.