Giving people agency
over their wellbeing in
their working lives​


At Glassmoon every member of staff, investor and board member use a unique system called RUBY to help them live their most fulfilling lives and do their best work. This system has proven to be so effective we are now building a digital personal assistant delivered through an app that uses the insights, ideas, and proven methods we have acquired throughout our careers to make RUBY’s insights available to anyone with a smartphone. 


Providing deeply human services in the care sector is only possible when you put people and their intrinsic motivation at the centre of the organisation’s purpose and strategy and this is true of every other workplace too. Giving people agency over their wellbeing in their working lives is better for themselves and the organisations they’re working for. This is the motivation behind the development of the RUBY app. 


If you’d like to learn more about Glassmoon Digital and how we are going to change the world of work forever, become a founding client or a user of this revolutionary system, please get in touch below.