Giving People Agency Over Their Wellbeing in Their Working Lives​


The app to help you think critically, connect the dots and make meaning, at the intersection of work and life.

RUBY your inner coach and work/life sat nav.

SeeMe – see your intersecting identities and work/life priorities in your SeeMe profile  

RUBY Reflect – box breathing to help you take a moment and record how you feel. Be present, focus and feel more grounded.

Pathway of Life – use your own data and lived experiences to build your timeline, your current context and create the future, one intention at a time. An interactive journal and emotions tracker to connect the dots of life and narrate your story your way.

The app that is anti-social media – no likes, no shares, no advertising…just built to help you Reflect, Understand, Becoming You.

‘Free the data and your mind will follow’

RUBY is currently in beta testing on the app store and Google Play. If you would like to become a much valued member of our RUBY testing community, click on the link below to join our waiting list.