RUBY App™ Test Plan 

The RUBY App™ (RUBY) is operated by Glassmoon Digital Ltd (“we” or “us”) and is part of the Glassmoon group of companies. 

If you have any questions, please email our support team on 

Important notice 

Thank you for taking part in our journey and agreeing to test our MVP (minimum viable product) for our RUBY App™. 

Please read the data privacy policy for more information.  


Download RUBY to your device store using the relevant links provided below and follow the instruction.

iOS – the link below will open in TestFlight 

Android – we will use Firebase to distribute Android versions. Users that want to use it will have to submit their emails on the link below and will receive an invite for download afterwards: 

You should then be able to see the RUBY welcome screen to signup for an account. 

After you have created your account, you will see a series of screenshots within the App explaining how to use RUBY. 

Please complete the rest of the sign-up process by entering your Date of Birth – The app needs this to create your Pathway of Life.  

The Pathway of Life shows moments you have recorded in your life from birth until 90 years of age in three months periods. 

You will then be prompted to complete your SeeMe profile.  

The purpose of this is to help people see their personal and professional identities: a self-defined picture of you and your intersecting identities.  

The premise is that, if people can see their multiple identities, they can understand and balance their (often competing) work and life priorities.  

The science of connection and belonging tells us that people who have a sense of belonging, of feeling part of a community are more creative and are more likely to be physically and mentally well.  

Please follow the prompts to create your SeeMe profile, choose a nickname, either from the ‘generate profile name’ button – (we had two youngsters create the names, we hope you like them) or type in a nickname of your choice.

Choose an avatar that reflects how you are feeling.  

We ask you to pick a nickname and avatar so that once you submit your SeeMe self-defined identity data, it will be anonymised when it appears in the Community screen.

In the Community screen, you will be able to choose three filters based on your profile to see the avatars of others in the Community with similar identity choices. 


Here is a guide to the icons on the RUBY taskbar. 

Once your SeeMe profile has been created, you can log your moments and reflections by going to either the Home or Reflect or the Pathway of Life screens.  

You will be asked how you are feeling or felt during current or significant moments, please follow the steps to start mapping your Pathway of Life.  

We would advise you to Reflect (complete the box breathing exercisebefore you record your moments to calm your mind and ground you.

Before starting, you should sit with your back supported in a comfortable chair and your feet on the floor. 

  1. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose while counting to four slowly. Feel the air enter your lungs.
  2. Hold your breath while counting slowly to four. 
  3. Begin to slowly exhale for 4 seconds.
  4. Hold while counting slowly to four.


The breathing exercise lasts for 75 seconds, long enough for you to pause for breath and have a moment of calm contemplation and RUBY reflection.  

Once you have added your reflections and moments you will be able to see all your feelings mapped out over time in the Pathway of Life screen.  

On the Pathway of Life timeline, each dot represents three months of your life from birth until 90 years of age.  

In the Pathway of Life screen you are able to filter your moments by emotions.  

RUBY Approach to testing 

Pathway of Life 

One of the most challenging features to test is the pathway dots. It is important to remember that the colour of the dot represents the dominated feeling for a span of three months.  

Below is an example of how the pathway works, in order to check that the colour of the dot is what you expect it to be. 

If you start logging moments every day for one week (and assuming you do not have other logged moments for the last 3 months): 

  1. Monday: Scared (at this point the dot should be dark grey) 
  2. Tuesday: Sad (the dot will turn light purple) 
  3. Wednesday: Sad (the dot will stay light purple because for the last three days you have picked sad twice and scared once) 
  4. Thursday: Angry (the dot should stay light purple) 
  5. Friday: Happy (the dot should stay light purple) 
  6. Saturday: Happy (the dot should turn dark Purple) 
  7. Sunday: Happy (the dot will stay dark purple as the dominated feeling for the week has been Happy) 


Please note that colour change in the pathway may not be immediate as it requires certain calculations on the backend so may take time ~10 secs 

Enjoy testing RUBY - We welcome your feedback!