Be Your Most Authentic Self – Perform at Your Best

The Story of You

Everyone has multiple intersecting identities, a back story and lived experiences which we bring to work in different ways.  

Your SeeMe profile gives you the opportunity to create a self-defined and nuanced picture of how you see yourself at work. This can help to create a sense of connection and belonging. Feeling seen, having a voice, and being included makes a difference to how well people work and in building team-based trust.  

The picture the SeeMe data builds, and the story it tells, will help you to be your most authentic self and perform at your best, navigating your working life with a sense of purpose and meaning. It will also help you see your work/life priorities, find that all important work/life balance and keep you working well. 

SeeMe for Employees

Engaging with SeeMe

To engage with SeeMeyou simply complete your SeeMe profile on our digital tool. You are asked a series of questions based on your intersecting identities and priorities – such as your age, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity as well as how many hours you work, caring responsibilities and whether you enjoy your job.

“One person’s story is not a statistic, it’s a lived experience. But when aggregated, these lived experiences become the statistic. And the statistic tells a story about how our society functions—who it values, who it discounts.”

Community Screen

Your SeeMe Profile

Once you’ve submitted your answers, your data points will appear in your SeeMe profile. This provides a unique view of the multiple identities you bring to work, and enables you to see your intersecting identities in a way you may never have seen or thought about before. 

And there is the added benefit, if you wish, of being part of your organisation’s wider SeeMe Community, thereby promoting a sense of true belonging. 

You will have the option of being able to filter your data points in a ‘Community’ screen, where you can see, on an anonymised basis, others who match some of your identities.  

Respecting Data Privacy

Please read our Privacy Notice to understand our practices and how your data will be treated