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M&A and Integration​

Supporting growth plans through M&A activity and ensuring successful integration to maximise M&A deal value and building sustainable organisations

We bring a unique operational and executive level perspective to the M & A process. This is from over twenty years of practical M & A experience and evidence-based work leading, transforming and growing successful organisations.

We can advise at every stage of the process from deal origination through to integration. Including a nuanced perspective which provides commercial, operational and cultural insights during the diligence process. Creating the opportunity to drive actionable value-creation initiatives long after the transaction has completed. Our M & A work gives both management and the new owners the opportunity to look at the business with insightful intelligence from diligence that doesn’t have to live in their desk drawer post-deal.

Quality Due Diligence

Our Unique Approach

The executive and operational experience of the Glassmoon team brings a unique and highly valued approach to the M & A process through the Quality Due Diligence stream. Often in transactions, quality and quality-related areas of an organisation are assumed to be covered by other diligence streams. In reality, this falls through the cracks of the diligence work due to the qualitative and nuanced nature of reviewing the quality performance of an organisation.

The Quality Due Diligence workstream can assist with identifying:

  • Quality DD showcased in the IM is an accurate picture
  • Areas of risk and potential liabilities
  • Unsustainable policies and practice
  • Reputational risk issues
  • Areas where target company is excelling
  • Post-deal value creation opportunities

How does the Quality Due Diligence stream work?

A flexible approach to the QDD workstream is available depending on the time-sensitive nature of the transaction, maintaining confidentiality and access to management. A desk-based only virtual review is available. However, in-person site visits tend to provide better quality information and nuanced insights.

Covid-related measures

Any in-person site visits and meetings are conducted in line with the prevailing national Covid measures in place at the time in relation to social distancing and testing.

Benefits of Investing in QDD During the Deal Phase

The QDD stream will:

  • Identify quality-related concerns from the sell-side diligence information being provided
  • Highlight potential current or future regulatory, reputational and operational risks
  • Provide insights on the ‘Quality’ story to ensure new owners have reasonable visibility of what they are acquiring in relation to the quality-related performance of the target company
  • Work with buy-side advisors and triangulate quality-related data from other diligence streams, vendor DD and externally available data
  • Support the ESG diligence stream with Social & Governance related data for investors with an impact investment thesis