Human organisations work

M&A and Integration

Supporting growth plans through M&A activity and ensuring successful integration to maximise M&A deal value and building sustainable organisations

We bring a unique operational and executive level perspective to the M & A process. This is from over twenty years of practical M & A experience and evidence-based work leading, transforming and growing successful organisations. 

We can advise at every stage of the process from deal origination through to integration. Including a nuanced perspective which provides commercial, operational and cultural insights during the diligence process. Creating the opportunity to drive actionable value-creation initiatives long after the transaction has completed. Our M & A work gives both management and the new owners the opportunity to look at the business with insightful intelligence from diligence that doesn’t have to live in their desk drawer post-deal.  

Strategy & Transformation

Supporting organisations to navigate complexities with changing business, operating or governance models. Balancing people and technology and leveraging business opportunities

Our People Strategies bring science to the art of leading people. Our unique approach creates the opportunity to build psychologically safe work cultures, high levels of trust, and motivation for people to do great work and have a fulfilling life.

Many organisations are already adopting new models to achieve greater diversity, inclusion and wellbeing programmes on top of traditional performance and growth plans. At the centre of all of these lie a connecting motivation: the people. This intrinsic motivation is the golden thread that runs through our programme.

Our programme is based on many years of practical experience of running large multi-site teams and decades of research into what enables organisations to harness intrinsic motivation and grow sustainably.

At its heart is a deep understanding of, and proven tools for, what it takes to build human work environments that allow people to thrive.

The programme will enable leaders and teams to excel through improved performance and care for themselves, colleagues, and their customers. It is unique in its design to address the intersection of working at the organisational, team and individual career level.