Human Organisations Work

The World of Work is Changing ​

The technological revolution and COVID have dramatically changed the way we live, work, and relate to each other. The perpetual economic upheaval has propelled levels of complexity and uncertainty to unprecedented new heights, altering the pace of change within many organisations.

As a result, it has highlighted the need for individuals and organisations to adapt swiftly and gain the ability to respond well to current events. Adopting a more human-centric approach to work, where leaders prioritise the psychological wellbeing of their workforce, embrace digital transformation and nurture diversity, inclusion and continuous learning will enable them to manage almost any unforeseen circumstance that may arise and sustain a culture of change. 

The GM Human Operating System ™

The GM Human Operating System ™ has been created to support people, teams and organisations to navigate the world of work. The System looks at an organisation as an ecosystem with humans at the centre, the ecosystem thrives through collaborative, flexible and creative work. To understand the organisation’s ecosystem, we must first look at the cultural context and connect the dots differently and exponentially through systemic and critical thinking. This enables the required behaviours, processes and systems from the front line to the board room to be cultivated and embedded. Creating a culture and work environment which is more inclusive, more human and ready for the future, which is now.  

The new way to SeeMe at work. A more inclusive, collaborative and nuanced perspective of the people who power your organisation.

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