Our future is intersectional, we are all equal, and belonging matters

Introducing SeeMe

Work With Purpose – Colleague Wellbeing

Our approach to colleague wellbeing and creating a working environment where we can do our best work, bring our whole selves to work and work with purpose, is fundamental to our culture in Glassmoon. 

To help with this we are introducing SeeMe, a digital tool to support a culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace. 

How does SeeMe work?

The SeeMe digital tool uses data, science and the power of storytelling to build a true picture of the people who power an organisation. 

The interconnection of the three areas provides a profound and meaningful space to fully understand Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in context, for individuals and organisations. 

The individual employee is asked a series  of questions, unearthing key demographic data points, work-life priorities and engagement levels, which is presented back to them in their self-defined SeeMe profile.  

The individual employee can define their data at a deeper level through multiple, diverse response options. The organisation sees data that is anonymised and aggregated, giving unique insights to improve Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace.

Welcome to SeeMe

SeeMe for Organisations

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